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Bistro is a compositional .NET MVC framework inspired by REST, AOP and Django that brings you closer to the web, without getting in your way.

Oh, it's also the first web framework to directly support F#

What you get

Out of the box, bistro lets you get to work with almost no configuration. You get

  • An attributed, default-first controller definition model (that means if you have a simple app, bistro'll understand on it's own. if you don't you can give bistro more info)
  • Integration with the first .NET port of the django templating language, NDjango
  • A comprehensive, up-to-date set of documentation and reference guides (right here!), with
  • Preconfigured templates for Visual Studio.NET '08, including
    • Project templates for Bistro + NDjango, Bistro + NDjango + NHibernate
    • File templates for Bistro controllers and NDjango templates
  • Add-in for for MS Visual Studio (Supplied in a separate package with Workflow Server

Who uses it?

  • A Fortune-50 company that shall remain nameless used bistro for their next generation client-facing portal, servicing over 100,000 repeat users
  • friendsell, a social classifieds site, built on Bistro, NDjango and CouchDB (!)

Got more questions?

Check out the FAQ and the Detailed Guide

Gimme gimme!

You can get everything you need at the Downloads page, and find a quick guide here

Help me!

Got questions? Comments? Concerns? Need to vent? For the first three of those, sign up for the bistro-dev mailing list.

Found a bug? Submit it here.


The concept behind bistro framework was conceived by Alex Pedenko and Michael Feingold. It was then beaten into shape by John Contreras and Mark Martin. Bistro framework is being actively maintained and supported by Peqoud Ltd. team.


We would like to thank JetBrains which has generously provided us with Open Source License of their delightfully useful ReSharper product.